CommunitiesStonehill Court

Located in the across from Bridlewood Mall at Finch Ave. and Warden Ave., the proposal is for two new residential buildings. The 29-storey and 11-storey buildings contain 432 total residential units, with over 40% designed for family-oriented 2 and 3 bedroom layouts. Between the 2 new buildings we have proposed 946 sq.m of indoor and 870 sq.m of outdoor amenities. New and existing residents will also have access to 1,100 sq.m of new proposed outdoor amenity space, adjacent to the 920 sq.m proposed Public Park. Two Privately Owned Publicly Accessible Spaces (POPS) have also been proposed, 360 sq.m at the North, and 330 sq.m on the South which facilitate green pedestrian connections throughout the proposed site plan. Existing residents will have a redesigned lobby, with a new Western entrance to the building which provides a convenient and direct access to Warden Ave.