About Us

Who We Are

DBS Developments functions as a fully integrated real estate development company. DBS, named after the founder David Bela Salomon, has continued with these development operations including project design, development, and construction. Envisioning a residential experience to bring its communities to new heights, DBS works hand-in-hand with its in-house property management team to handle all aspects of property operations, and are equipped with the resources to deliver exceptional customer service to our residents. With over 60 years and three generations of development and management experience, DBS Developments set out to create a new standard for residential communities and has assembled an unparalleled team to bring their vision together.

Toronto, Reimagined

We pride ourselves on invigorating the unique and diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto.

We are committed to creating communities that offer comfortable, care-free lifestyles – a place that residents are excited to call home.

Driven By Innovation

DBS is committed to fostering a greener, more sustainable future.

We work directly with architects and designers to create innovative communities, with care and consideration for long-term environmental integration.

Elevating Communities

Our mission is to positively impact and contribute to the communities that we build in.

As residents of the Toronto area, DBS strives to work with the community to create spaces that everyone can take pride in – ourselves included. We emphasize social responsibility, community involvement, and empowerment.

What We Do

Planning & Development

Before we begin any project, we look at the needs of the surrounding community. We engage the best planners and architects to execute on the goal of improving the neighbourhood for new and existing residents alike. We prioritize sustainable construction, and build with environmentally friendly strategies with targets towards certifications such as LEED and Toronto Green Standards.

Our meticulously designed amenity spaces create a comfortable environment that our residents are proud to call home. Ensuring community benefits are a top priority, each development provides a significant contribution to Public Parks, Community Centres, and other neighborhood improvements.

Property Management Services

Our curated property management team works cohesively with our development team at DBS. From project conception until our communities come to life, our integration allows us to create communities curated to our demographic that elevate the resident experience. We obtain intimate knowledge of the building and forge partnerships with the communities that we are in.

This experiential approach allows us to anticipate our residents needs and wants, and deliver on them with the highest level of service and care. Our management team are experienced in all aspects of property operations, and are equipped with the resources and autonomy to deliver exceptional customer service to our residents.

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